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When you have great clients, it’s easy to be client-centric. Our clients in Ohio, Kentucky, and across the country have trusted us with their most challenging litigation. We listen, and we learn their businesses. We become their partners. We offer a team of experienced, innovative, effective litigators. Together with our clients, we achieve results.


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Study shows symptoms associated with post-concussive syndrome are experienced by a surprising number of people without a history of traumatic brain injury

Gregory A. Kendall Traumatic Brain Injury

Headaches, fatigue, concentration problems, and insomnia are just some of the symptoms that can be reported by people who have recently sustai…

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So your brain injury case involves diffusion tensor imaging…now what?

Gregory A. Kendall Traumatic Brain Injury

Defense attorneys and claims professionals evaluating traumatic brain injury claims are likely to come across a form of advanced neuroimagin…

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Challenging expert witness opinions on future disease outcomes: what attorneys need to know about the epidemiological concept of relative risk

Gregory A. Kendall Traumatic Brain Injury

Most attorneys are likely familiar with the notion that “correlation does not equal causation.” Yet, this critical distinction can…

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