MRJ Brain Injury Team to attend the World Congress of Brain Injury and the North American Brain Injury Society's 27th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injuries

It’s essential that attorneys devoted to brain injury claims stay current on neuroscience issues. This is because the scientific community’s understanding of medical issues is always evolving. One of the ways the MRJ Brain Injury Team remains up to date on neuroscience developments is through brain injury conferences. This week the MRJ Brain Injury Team is attending to the International Brain Injury Association’s Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury. The World Congress is the largest gathering of international professionals working in the field of brain injury. We are also attending the North American Brain Injury Society’s 27th annual conference on legal issues and brain injury. This conference will feature topics including the latest literature, diagnostic testing methods, rehabilitation, case management, trial techniques, and cutting-edge demonstrative evidence in the defense and prosecution of traumatic brain injury cases.