2017 Safest Year on Record for Airline Passengers

According to a report issued by the Netherlands-based aviation consultancy To70, 2017 was the best year in history for civil aviation safety. It should be noted that the report did not include two aviation accidents which occurred on December 31, 2017, in Sydney and Costa Rica. Other reports regarding the safety record of commercial flights in 2017 included the accident in Costa Rica. The report is limited to examining accidents that occur in larger passenger aircraft. The report included 111 accidents, two of which included fatalities.

While the use of the data included in this report may have limited value, the report correctly points out that there is no room for complacency going forward. The airlines are always addressing increased safety risks. Most recently, the airlines have had to confront an increase in the use of lithium-ion batteries in electronics. Lithium-ion batteries and the danger they pose is not new to the FAA or the airlines. However, recent statements issued by commercial airlines, like the one issued by American Airlines on December 1, 2017, remind passengers that certain products, like smart bags (or smart luggage), contain lithium battery power banks, and those pose a risk when placed in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

Congratulations to all of the businesses connected to the airline industry which work so hard to make air travel safe. And let’s make sure everyone, including the passengers, are doing their part to ensure continued success.